You're in the checkout line and turn around to someone with no mask on.. What would you do?

While many things have moved us to online shopping or curbside pick-up, some of us are still choosing to go inside the grocery store. With kids returning full time back to the classroom and more organizations pulling people back to work campuses, COVID-19 cases are starting to rise in different areas across the United States.

Do you take the chance to go shop inside the grocery store? If so, how are you protecting yourself?

Have you created scenarios for encountering the individual who doesn’t social distance in the checkout line? Have you created scenarios for encountering the individual who touches every item before selecting the one to put in their cart?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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I’m still not going in to stores except for a handful that have (and enforce) mask policies.

In most places, it’s a law to wear face masks in stores and public places now, however there is always that 1 person who has to go against the grain.

I don’t like confrontation.

However, now with Covid + having an autoimmune disease, I’m more vocal.

When people stand too close, even with floor stickers (6 ft apart/stand here), I will simply keep looking behind me to *hint" to move back. Usually the person gets the point.

If it came to it, I would speak up though. So many people I know got covid, I’m hoping not to be another statistic.

I wish people would respect boundaries.

Hi Michele,

Welcome! I completely understand that. If I visit a store, I try to go very early in the morning to beat the rush. I’ve even started doing curbside pick-up with my groceries. I kind of like it to be honest. LOL!

Hi Jillian,

You’re so right. There is always that one person who goes against the grain. I do my best to avoid confrontation at all times. However, I have been a little more vocal in establishing those boundaries to ensure not only my safety, but others as well.

I live in South Dakota, and the cases are increasing scary fast, partly to because there are a lot of mask haters (and they make it known with out even asking sometimes).

I live in a small town, under 2k people, with 1 grocery store. I can usually drive around the block a few times so there’s just one or two other cars in the parking lot.

Although there’s less people in my town’s only grocery store, the prices are crazy high. My normal was to go to the major city 2 or 3 times a month for groceries because it’s cheaper and I’m on food stamps, but now I would rather take an empty store and figure out how to stretch my food money rather than risk a crowded store with over 50% not in masks.

I have been reaching out to a few business’ I hear that strictly enforce masks in store (and correctly worn at all times) to verify this, and working to make a list of ‘safe’ places to visit to share with my immuno-compromised friends if we do need to go shop in person for something other than food items.

Hi Staci!

This is a great idea!

I think one of the biggest things learned during this pandemic is finding creative ways to accomplish day-to-day goals.

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We were at the Co-op to buy groceries and there was a sign that said not to put your purchases on the sliding tray until the person before you in the line was paying for their purchase, so that is exactly what we did. I was putting our bagged groceries back in the cart and the groceries were not even all through the register and some woman started putting her groceries on the counter and the cashier had to point the very obvious sign to her. She quickly went to another line and I thanked the cashier. She said you have no idea how many times I had to do that today, people just don’t seem to care. I wondeer if putting bigger signs all through the store might help?

Hi Kelly,

I am not really sure. I have found personally that it has been easier for me to just find new ways to communicate social distancing. For example, I sometimes will put my buggy at the beginning and stand there until they have rung up all of my groceries so that no other groceries can be loaded. All we can do is hope that other’s continue to speak up and speak out.

I am not them, and I don’t know their story.
It is not up for me to judge but I will continue to wear mine and maintain 6 feet distance.
I have been in stores where I have seen people get into others faces and yell or confront a person only to have that person start to cry and say that they just ran in with their child to get something really fast and because of their condition cannot wear one.
My silence and lack of judgement keeps my risk of catching a disease from them much lower. Getting into their face and yelling spreads germs much faster. As long as I keep doing what I’m doing, my risk is low and I’m okay with that.
This disease has torn our country apart and I will give that person a quick masked smile and a hello and go on with my day.

I would keep my 6 feet apart. Since the person is behind me, I probably can’t change lines. So, I, would quickly complete my transaction and limit my exposure as much as possible. Oh yes, I always wear my mask.

Hi T.W.,

Thanks for your input. The hope for this scenario is not one of conflict, but that you recognize that these situations may surface and you must be prepared to handle them in a polite and respectful manner. I’m glad your response to this scenario is one of peace and to keep yourself safe.

Hi Lisa, thank you for sharing!